#BlackLivesMatter Terrorist Gunned Down Kentucky State Trooper In Cold Blood [Video]

#BlackLivesMatter Terrorist Gunned Down Kentucky State Trooper In Cold Blood [Video]

Another notch in the #BlackLivesMatter movement’s belt just occurred in Kentucky Sunday night. Trooper Joseph Ponder had only been on the force just under a year. He made a routine traffic stop and it cost him his life. The suspect fled on foot and turned and shot into the Trooper’s patrol car hitting him multiple times. He didn’t make it. Eventually, the suspect, Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks, was shot and killed by police during the manhunt to take him down. Good riddance. He was a #BlackLivesMatter terrorist who openly spewed cop hatred. He attended the Michael Brown funeral and has been hate mongering ever since. He took it to the big leagues and took out a cop. It only cost him his life. Ponder is yet another hero to be gunned down in America.

Kentucky Trooper

From Twitchy:

It didn’t take long for Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action to blame the NRA’s agenda of “guns anywhere, anytime, for anyone” for the fatal shooting of Kentucky State Trooper Joseph Ponder. Suspect Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks, 25, was reportedly killed by police during a subsequent manhunt in a wooded area close to Interstate 24.

Rather than pointing fingers at the NRA, Watts and others might want to look into the #BlackLivesMatter movement. According to the New York Daily News, photos posted to Johnson-Shanks’ Facebook page show him not only at several protests over the death of Michael Brown, but at Brown’s funeral as well. Other photos show him with his arms raised along with the caption, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.”

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A war on cops?

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The Daily News also reports that two women and two children were in the car with Johnson-Shanks when he shot Ponder. Johnson-Shanks’ 18-year-old niece was arrested and charged with first-degree hindering prosecution or apprehension.

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Instead of going after the racist killers of groups such as #BlackLivesMatter, the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panthers, Leftists Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action immediately blamed guns for the murderous ways of radicals. Radicals hell bent on killing cops. It’s a war on police out there pure and simple and this is just the latest chapter in the unfolding race war occurring in America. In Shanks’ case, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” was abbreviated to just ‘shoot.’ This guy was part of the Ferguson riots – go figure. What are the odds? He was also a big time Obama devotee. Gee, color me surprised. 25 cops are dead this year alone – at the hands of terrorists and you hear nothing about it from Obama or the media. There were two women and two children in the car with Shanks when this went down. Gotta teach them hate when they are young. #AllLivesMatter, #BlueLivesMatter – and the battle continues in our streets.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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