BORN DIFFERENT: While Liberals Cry Over 1st World Problems, This Girl Lives Her Life Out In A Plastic Bowl… [VIDEO]

BORN DIFFERENT: While Liberals Cry Over 1st World Problems, This Girl Lives Her Life Out In A Plastic Bowl… [VIDEO]

There is a girl who was born a normal baby, but when she turned 6 months-old she got a fever and she never learned how to crawl. From that moment on, her body also never grew…

Since then she has lived her life in a plastic bowl. Her name is Rahma Haruna and she is a bright and very happy girl despite having to bear the cross of this suffering. It is a mystery condition that has not been identified with a name yet and caused her arms and legs to not develop properly.

As a result, it has left her practically limbless and also having to deal with constant pain. Yes, this poor girl has to deal with much horrid pain that is constant and she is for the most part unable to get any relief from it as there is not much to be sought out as far as medical help or medicines to help her cope with the pain.

She was born a healthy baby, but growth stopped at 6 months and she no longer met any of the development milestones from that time. Her family is very caring and loving towards their daughter and sister, and do their best to make her life as comfortable and filled with joy as they possibly can.

They provide her with a fulfilling life with their best efforts and transport her around the village in a plastic bowl so she can get out and around each day.

Doctors are completely baffled by Rahma’s condition and some have even brought Islam mythology into the story, by stating that the teenager was struck down by a Jinn, who is a supernatural being in Islam mythology.

Of course…when there is no explanation, blaming it on mythical creatures sounds like a lot of sense being made.

That’s sarcasm…

She is a girl who has an unfortunate path, but you cannot help but think that through her struggle, she has blessed many others who have had their lives changed for the better because of her existence. You just never know.

So while there is human suffering like this going on in the world…liberal snowflakes want to cry and whine about being offended by words.


How I’d love for them to live even just ONE day in this poor girl’s bowl.

Here is Rahma Haruna…

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