Boys Now Have a Human Right to Use Girls Bathroom

The Maine Human Rights Commission deserves praise from moonbats for doing its part in the culture war:

The Maine Human Rights Commission ruled Monday that Orono Middle School unlawfully discriminated against a sixth-grader during the 2008-2009 school year by not letting the male-to-female transgender student use the girls’ bathroom.

This is the same student whose parents filed a similar discrimination complaint against Asa Adams Elementary School in Orono when their child was a fifth grader there during the 2007-2008 school year. That case resulted in the same ruling against the school district in June 2009.

Also Monday, the commission members again began talks about developing anti-discrimination guidelines specifically for schools under the Maine Human Rights Act.

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As with everything they touch, liberals have reduced the concept of Human Rights to a nauseating farce.

The school gave the screwed-up kid his own gender-neutral bathroom and locker room. But that wasn’t good enough for his even more screwed-up parents and their lawyers:

The parents of the child, who no longer attends schools in the district, wrote in their latest complaint to the commission that she [sic] experienced anxiety and depression after officials at Orono Middle School forced her [sic] to use a gender-neutral bathroom and her [sic] peers picked on her [sic].

By using a feminine pronoun to refer to a little boy, liberal journalists dutifully weigh in on the side of depravity and insanity.

America has faced other sinister enemies — Nazis, communists, Muslims — but only liberals would be fiendish enough to fight us by rotting away our civilization with the bizarre psychosexual dysfunctions they encourage even in small children.

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