BREAKING: 400 Arrested at Obama’s Capitol

BREAKING: 400 Arrested at Obama’s Capitol

Here you have a bunch of liberals chanting… “One person, one vote” Here’s a question… why then are they opposed to voter ID laws? It is voter ID laws that help to ASSURE “One person, one vote”. Sigh…Liberals


From Allen West.

In a dramatic embodiment of a central theme this election cycle, police at the U.S. Capitol today arrested more than 400 demonstrators protesting the role of money in politics. The arrests reportedly were for “unlawful demonstration activity.”

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Via Fox News:

Hundreds of protesters flocked to the U.S. Capitol Monday for a demonstration against the role of money in politics, prompting arrests of more than 400 by the Capitol police force.

The demonstration was part of a series of “Democracy Spring” protests planned in Washington this week by a coalition of groups.

The demonstrators chanted slogans like “one person, one vote” and “money out of politics” as they sat on the East Front of the Capitol. One sign read “Things go better without Koch,” a reference to the billionaire businessmen David and Charles Koch, who have promised to lead an almost $900 million campaign to back favored candidates this election cycle.

The demonstrators also protested state voter ID laws, saying they suppress voter participation. Another chant protested Democratic “superdelegates” — party figures, such as members of Congress, who are given votes at the Democratic National Convention but are not elected by primary elections or at party caucuses.

Police led dozens of protesters away in plastic handcuffs into a bus and shuttle vans, prompting cheers from the two groups of protesters, which were separated by a large police response.

U.S. Capitol Police said Monday evening that more than 400 people had been arrested for unlawful demonstration activity.

This is madness… I just can’t, with their “stupid” anymore…

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