Britain’s “Conservative” Minister for Culture Backs P.C. Quotas for Movies

Anyone who doesn’t understand the absolute necessity of driving RINOs out of the GOP before they totally coopt the party on behalf of liberalism need only look to once great Britain:

Ed Vaizey, the Conservative [sic] Minister for Culture, has praised the British Film Institute (BFI) for demanding ethnic minority, women and gay quotas on the films they finance. BFI is the largest funder of films in the UK, and from September they will no longer finance projects that do not fill diversity quotas, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The new “three ticks” scheme means that every film will have to fulfil two of the following requirements: on-screen diversity; off-screen diversity and “creating opportunities and social mobility”. …

On screen, at least one of the leading actors must portray a character that is “positively reflecting diversity”.

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“Diversity” is the liberal euphemism for the obliteration of cultural identity. People who represent the norm are not diverse. The ultimate goal is to destroy the norm, replacing Western societies with a phantasmagoric hodgepodge of foreigners and perverts.

Toward that end, normal Britons must be subjected to propaganda that will make them feel like they themselves are the foreigners in their own land. That will keep them alienated and isolated; otherwise they might realize that for now they are still the majority, and if they would just unite they could throw off the hostile liberal ruling class, of which Viazey is a representative.

Where does the nefarious BFI get the money to buy leverage over movie makers, so that it can force them to corrupt entertainment with politically correct propaganda? From the government, via the National Lottery.

In a free country, the free market would decide what sort of movies are made. But the little people who buy tickets might not choose to erase their own society in favor of “diversity,” so the free market has been overruled.

A little background on the “Conservative” Minister for Culture:

Viazey is best known for being a member of the Notting Hill set, a group of ambitious Conservatives that includes David Cameron. They are often perceived as being out of touch with the views of ordinary Tory voters.

Ordinary Tory voters have no one to vote for without turning to a relatively powerless minor party. Ordinary Americans are beginning to find themselves in the same boat.

Viazey demonstrates why no culture needs a Minister for Culture.

On a tip from Henry. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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