California’s Drought Man-Made? It Was Manufactured By Environmental Activists

California’s Drought Man-Made? It Was Manufactured By Environmental Activists

The Eco-wackos are a little bit like that personality that commits murder-suicide. They want to ‘save’ people from something, so they commit murder. They also want to ‘save’ themselves from something and therefore commit suicide. Here, we have a bunch of people whose goal is ultimately to eliminate mankind. But in true murder-suicide fashion, they never want to go first. So they are going to save ‘whatever’ by getting rid of everyone else first, then they’ll turn the gun on themselves. The trouble is, they are not really crazy. They’re ideologues. While hollering about the need to eliminate humanity, they see themselves above all that and the rationally-presumed suicide will never happen. In short, they want to return the land to an idyllic state for them – the elitists, while eliminating farmers and the riff raff. Green is the new red – communists never see themselves as part of the people or the problem. They see themselves as uber parents with a fascist twist. This is what is occurring in California. The environmentalists will do anything to save the Smelt and the Salmon. Even if it means making the whole damned state (except their part) uninhabitable.

Man Made Drought

From the Advice Goddess:

Nunes writes at, taking on the claim “There’s not enough water in California”:

Environmentalists often claim that the California water crisis stems from the state not having enough water to satisfy its rapidly growing population, especially during a drought.

However, the state in fact has abundant water flowing into the Delta, which is the heart of California’s irrigation structure. Water that originates in the snowpack of the Sierra Nevada Mountains runs off into the Delta, which has two pumping stations that help distribute the water throughout the state.

But on average, due to environmental regulations as well as a lack of water storage capacity (attributable, in large part, to activist groups’ opposition to new storage projects), 70% of the water that enters the Delta is simply flushed into the ocean. California’s water infrastructure was designed to withstand five years of drought, so the current crisis, which began about three years ago, should not be a crisis at all. During those three years, the state has flushed more than 2 million acre-feet of water — or 652 billion gallons — into the ocean due to the aforementioned biological opinions, which have prevented the irrigation infrastructure from operating at full capacity.

His eyes were first opened in the summer of 2002, at an “eye-opening meeting” with representatives from the Natural Resources Defense Council and local environmental activist groups:

Hoping to convince me to support various water restrictions, they argued that San Joaquin Valley farmers should stop growing alfalfa and cotton in order to save water — though they allowed that the planting of high-value crops such as almonds could continue. Then, as our discussion turned to the groups’ overall vision for the San Joaquin Valley, they told me something astonishing:

Their goal was to remove 1.3 million acres of farmland from production. They showed me maps that laid out their whole plan: From Merced all the way down to Bakersfield, and on the entire west side of the Valley as well as part of the east side, productive agriculture would end and the land would return to some ideal state of nature. I was stunned by the vicious audacity of their goal — and I quickly learned how dedicated they were to realizing it.

He also has solutions to the water crisis:

The solution comprises these three simple measures:

• Return Delta pumping to normal operations at federal and state pumps. Because normal pumping levels are already paid for, this measure would cost taxpayers zero dollars.

• Fix the San Joaquin River Settlement. Instead of continuing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on an unworkable scheme to recreate salmon runs, we should turn the San Joaquin River into a year-round flowing river with recirculated water. This approach would be good for the warm-water fish habitat and for recreation, and it would save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars that will otherwise go down the salmon-run rat hole.

• Expedite and approve construction of major new water projects. This should include building the Temperance Flat dam along the San Joaquin River, raising Shasta dam to increase its reservoir capacity, expanding the San Luis Reservoir and approving construction of the Sites Reservoir in the Sacramento Valley. Because water users themselves should rightfully pay for these projects, they would cost federal taxpayers zero dollars.

These measures would not only end the water crisis, they would improve the environment for fish and wildlife — all while saving taxpayer dollars.

What Nunes suggests is common sense and sane. Therefore, California will never do it. The radicals want that farmland returned to its natural state. It’s returning to a desert – to a literal dust bowl. Prices of food will keep going up, food will be in shorter supply and livelihoods have been destroyed over this communist nuttery. All of this is an artificial emergency to further the climate change hoax and to raise taxes. It’s corrupt, monstrous and totally unnecessary, which I’ve said from the beginning. There is no reason this should be happening in California. Their water issues are more than fixable and they are just throwing fresh water away in the name of the environment. Things are never what they seem and all of this is a lie for a political agenda. For the life of me, I don’t understand why Californians are sitting still for this. Expel the water Nazis and take back your state before it’s too late.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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