Car thief throws brick at window, it bounces back and knocks him out [Video]

Just criminally stupid. This moron was going around and breaking car windows with rocks and then robbing them. He found a nice car, but when rocks wouldn’t break the glass, he went off and grabbed a brick. Not having more than two brain cells, he got right up on the car and threw the brick into the glass. Not hard enough to break it… but hard enough for it to bounce back and knock him out cold. There he lay till the pub owner came out and had him hauled off by the police. Everyone got their stuff back as well. It’s a win win for the good guys. Not so much for the moronic thief.

From Mashable:

Rule #1 when throwing bricks at cars: stand clear and make sure they don’t bounce back and hit you in the face. Clearly ignored by this man outside a pub in Ireland.

This would-be car thief was caught on CCTV throwing stones at a car window, before disappearing and returning with a brick. Unfortunately, for him, the car’s window withstood the impact and it bounced straight back into his face, knocking him out.

He was discovered by the pub’s owner and eventually picked up by the police. An investigation is ongoing.

I could probably watch this all day… it’s just that entertaining. The video was originally entitled ‘The Thick With A Brick’ and that fits perfectly. Wonder if the guy had been drinking in that pub in Ireland? Das auto’s revenge, pure and simple. I hear the guy’s face was in pretty bad shape after the mishap. I’ll bet it didn’t knock a lick of sense into him though. All swagger and dignity left his vicinity when the brick KO’d him. You shouldn’t be a criminal if you are incredibly stupid. It’s dangerous to your health and freedom. You definitely get what you give, or take as the case may be. The brick wins this one. No contest.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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