Carrie Underwood Revealed Something About her Baby Boy that is Sure to Anger the Anti-Life Crowd [Video]

I can’t think of anything sweeter than a soon-to-be mommy singing to her unborn baby. It is nothing short of a declaration of love for the little boy she is carrying and I think it is just wonderful. It’s definitely sure to tick off the elitist Hollywood snobs who consider abortion and the murdering of the unborn a right. They’ve made it into a cause du jour. Carrie’s love for her child is right in their face. She’s already caring for her baby even before he is born. He’s alive, he’s hers and she loves him more than anything. That’s what having a child is about. Not disposable babies when a mistake is made.

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From TPNN:

Those who celebrate abortion and advocate for the killing of innocent babies will certainly not like what country music superstar Carrie Underwood had to say about unborn baby during an interview with iHeart Radio.

The sweet three minute video makes it clear that Underwood does not view her unborn child as ‘just a clump of cells,’ as the pro-baby murdering, anti-life crowd typically describes unborn babies. In describing how she interacts with the son that she’s carrying, it’s clear that she views him as a living, breathing human being who is able to feel and experience emotions.

If a child has a heartbeat, it is alive – period. If it is growing inside of you, the child is alive – period. To have an abortion is to knowingly kill a child. No way around it, no matter how hard you try. And when a woman has an abortion, she lives with that dark, choking guilt the rest of her days. That is if she has a conscience at all. Carrie Underwood will make a great mom. She seems to be a good person with a great sense of humor. She certainly has talent and she loves sharing it with her son. She is what a celebrity role model should be.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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