Carson: #BlackLivesMatter Is ‘Bullying’ And Michael Brown Was A ‘Bad Actor’ [VIDEO]

Carson: #BlackLivesMatter Is ‘Bullying’ And Michael Brown Was A ‘Bad Actor’ [VIDEO]

The black Ben Carson says #BlackLivesMatter is bullying, and he’s right, you know.

ben carsonCarson criticized Black Lives Matter as engaging in bullying, saying the movement is “forcing yourself on people rather than engaging in dialog, and bullying people. I never liked the idea of bullying on behalf of anybody.”

Regardless of your opinion of Ben Carson, he certainly hammered the nail on the head when he called the #BlackLivesMatter movement a bullying movement.

I’ve seen nothing but violence, thievery, destruction, and chaos from the #BlackLivesMatter movement which leads me to believe they don’t really care about any lives.

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