Caught on Camera: ‘An Unfortunate Soul’ Gets a Big Surprise When He Tries to Rob a Restaurant Owner in Broad Daylight [Video]

That ‘unfortunate soul’ got the beating he richly deserved for trying to rob someone he thought was an easy target. Surprise! It was supposed to be a classic grab and run move, where he runs up behind the man, grabs the cash box and takes off. Except this guy held on and kicked and punched back. Exactly right – this deserves more than having your ears boxed. It deserves a throw down the street and the restaurant owner does not disappoint. Canada, you do us proud – this beat down’s for you, asshat.

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From The Blaze:

A crook was caught on surveillance video trying to wrestle away cash from a Canadian restaurant owner in broad daylight — but the crook turned out to be the big loser in this contest, CBC News reported.

Arron Barberian, 50, was walking into entryway of Barberian’s Steak House in downtown Toronto when the would-be thief crook mugged him from behind and tried to take the cashbox Barberian was holding.

But instead letting the crook take his money, Barberian fought back and quickly took control of the Monday morning altercation.


In fact he threw the crook into the middle of Elm Street on as the cashbox, bills, and Barberian’s cellphone scattered to the concrete.

“He pushed me, you know I pushed back,” he told CBC News. “He grabbed the money and then I whipped him to the ground a couple of times.” Barberian called the crook “an unfortunate soul.”

While Barberian and one of his restaurant employees pursued the crook down the street and out of camera view, another drama played out back at the steakhouse entrance. A woman in a fur hat was seen on camera picking up stray cash in the street; she later returned it to Barberian, CBC News reported.

Then another woman was seen stopping traffic and grabbing Barberian’s cellphone from the street; she never returned it, Barberian told CBC News. The restaurant owner called that woman “a true thief.”

By Wednesday police had arrested and charged a 44-year-old man with robbery and two charges of failing to comply with probation in connection with the incident.

Hats off to the woman in the fur hat that took the time to pick up the money and give it back to Barberian. That was the right thing to do and shows character. However, the dirt bag woman who stole his phone is scum. I know they caught the ‘unfortunate soul’ who got his ass whipped… too bad they didn’t catch that woman. But with GPS technology, there is hope they will. Then she can enjoy a rest behind bars as well. This restaurant owner was dignified in his interview – the epitome of class. He was tough when it called for it and a real gentleman when it was done. Oh, Canada!

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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