Chick-fil-A Just SHAMED Obama… and It Was Epic

Chick-fil-A Just SHAMED Obama… and It Was Epic

Millions of Americans are grieving deeply for the legendary Justice Antonin Scalia who passed away unexpectedly late last week. The nation is reeling with the loss of one of the greatest minds to ever grace the Supreme Court. What do we get from Obama over it? A bumbling and mangled speech when he was interrupted during a 5+ hour golf outing. Chick-fil-A showed their respect immediately by lowering their flags to half staff. DC did so later. It is a sign of respect to the fallen and Scalia was definitely a hero. I felt devastated upon learning of his death and I was far from alone.


From Qpolitical:

A nation is not marked by valor for how we celebrate the victorious, but for how we honor the fallen.

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It’s a sad day when we pay more attention and give greater homage to celebrities who have passed than the men and women who have faithfully served our country. And honoring the fallen doesn’t just include military heroes, but those who have served in judicial capacities as well.

While the nation mourns the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, some have mocked or gloated over his death in hopes that Obama will appoint a liberal successor to his post. But others—personally and corporately—are giving Justice Scalia a memorial to remember.

Scalia served for more than three decades on that bench. He held the line constitutionally when no one else would. That takes a special kind of character and fortitude. Leftists mocked and cheered the death of a great man, but that is not who America really and truly is. Chick-fil-A decided to honor Justice Scalia’s passing by hanging their flags at half mast — a traditional sign of mourning and solidarity. It’s a simple gesture that means the world to those of us who weep for a fallen giant and for our nation. I love Chick-fil-A!



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