Clint Eastwood Just Sent Michael Moore A Wake Up Call He’ll Never Forget And He Means It

I adore Clint Eastwood… always have, always will. When he ‘friended’ me on Facebook a couple of years ago, it was a highlight. Michael Moore got the response he so richly deserved from Clint. I heard a lot of media pundits out there that countered with, well… modern day snipers are much different than in WWII. Maybe, but they are all heroes in my book. There was not a coward among them. The cowards are those effete, pampered, rich, spoiled elitists such as Moore who never protected anyone but himself and possibly his fridge. The cowards are those terrorists that Kyle was tasked with taking down. Chris Kyle was a good, brave man – a legend – taken from us far too early in this crazy world. Of course, those Hollywood Leftists out there hating on Kyle and Eastwood don’t know what the meaning of the word ‘honor’ means. They’re Marxists – it’s their nature.

From Qpolitical:

Here’s what happens when you mess with Clint Eastwood. His movie recently shot up to over $100 million on the opening, and is being received on a pretty large scale, both commercially and critically.

With all the success it has gotten over the past weekend, some nay-sayers will always have something to say about something so positive. Here’s what he tweeted out:

So after seeing his stance on Snipers, it’s safe to assume that Moore isn’t exactly Clint Eastwood’s best friend. What’s amazing is seeing what Clint had to say when asked about Moore:

“Michael Moore and I actually have a lot in common, we both appreciate living in a country where there’s free expression… But Michael, if you ever show up at my front door with a camera – I’ll kill you”

And all you liberals that this is a joke or Clint would never do such a thing… or he was only doing this for publicity…

“I meant it…”

That’s a direct quote from Clint Eastwood.

Any questions?

Didn’t think so. This should teach you a lesson, liberals. Hate on conservatives all you want. We will allow you to be uninformed, but disrespect our troops? HELL NO. We won’t let that fly. Those “cowards” are out there fighting for your freedom to say stupid stuff like that DAILY. Watch your back, because Clint Eastwood might be right there along side the millions of conservatives that support our troops!

Liberals have a right to say what they want. The Constitution guarantees that right. But don’t bring your cowardice to our doorsteps and show some respect for those who fight and die for you so you can have your parties and disparage the rest of America. Kyle saved your sorry ass and countless others while you were swigging Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck and eating caviar. I imagine Moore made Clint Eastwood’s day. Too big for an empty chair, but more than big enough to shoot his mouth off. Moore might take care who he aims at. Eastwood is a great shot.

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