College Students Asked To Explain The Difference Between Men And Women – Their Answers Are ASTOUNDING [VIDEO]

College Students Asked To Explain The Difference Between Men And Women – Their Answers Are ASTOUNDING [VIDEO]

We are soooo freaking doomed. These brain dead college students can’t even articulate the difference between a man and a woman. They are that brainwashed and that confused. Political correctness on gender has been so drilled into them, they can no longer say, yes, you are a man, or yes, you are a woman. They just don’t know. Good grief. A different student says, “In general, yes, but I don’t know why I think that.” “Umm … possibly?” another student answers. Really? We have sunk so low, that physical attributes do not denote a sex? Other than being confused by those trying to be something they aren’t, most of the time it’s pretty obvious. But these kids are very reluctant to say so and after waffling, they just can’t make up their little bitty minds. Just sad.


From The Daily Caller:

A new video shows Seattle University students struggling to say how men and women are different, if they’re even different at all.

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The Family Policy Institute of Washington released a video this week where it interviewed  students at Seattle University about gender identity and transgender bathrooms. The students soon struggle to explain how gender is actually fluid … kinda.

“I don’t think there is really any one way to distinguish between a man and a woman, and I don’t think it’s necessary,” one student says.

In the video, a female student is asked if there is a difference between men and women. She answers, “Umm, no? yes? I mean …”

This week, Obama issued an edict that all public schools must allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. Meanwhile, North Carolina and Mississippi are embroiled in lawsuits over their respective LGBT laws. In the state of Washington, activists are trying to get signatures on a petition to put the transgender bathroom issue on the ballot in November. Texas unapologetically told Obama to get stuffed and he could keep his money. They won’t be extorted that way. In the video, one student answers the question of whether people should even have the label “male” and “female” at all. “I don’t think so,” she says. “I think that its, again, a social construct of this binary that we are given at birth.” I hope many states follow the lead of Texas here and stop this insanity. Privacy matters and Obama is putting our children and families at risk for a political agenda that favors a teeny tiny few. It’s obscene and just about as moronic as these kids.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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