Comcast DEMANDS the NRA Do This in Their Advertising… This IS Insane!

Comcast DEMANDS the NRA Do This in Their Advertising… This IS Insane!

Talk about a violation of constitutional rights. I hope the NRA sues over this. Comcast has ordered them to remove images of firearms from two promotional ads before they will air them. This is for the gun and outdoors mega-show in Pennsylvania. Not only does it violate their rights, it is downright stupid. The NRA is all about gun rights and a huge part of this show will be for hunters and gun enthusiasts. No reasons were given, they were just ordered to comply. I would tell Comcast to get stuffed.

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From The Washington Examiner:

The media giant Comcast has ordered the National Rifle Association to remove images of firearms from two ads promoting its upcoming gun and outdoors mega-show in Pennsylvania before it will air them, a one-two punch on the First and Second Amendments.

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In an email to the NRA, Comcast did not explain why the split-second images of gun displays from inside the Great American Outdoor Show held annually in Harrisburg, Pa. It simply told the nation’s leading Second Amendment group to comply.

“The good news is there are just some small tweaks that need to happen in order to run the schedules in all the markets we have set up for the Great American Outdoor Show,” said Comcast of the two ads the NRA wants to run in 12 different TV markets in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.

“Both ads submitted yesterday entitled, (Family & Exhibit) will need to remove any and all images of rifles, shooting ranges, and handguns, when this is complete our MCC [control center] department and legal department will evaluate for approval,” added Comcast. Wow. That is pure censorship. Each short ad promoting the huge week long outdoors show includes five split-second images of display guns or kids shooting at a range. The horror! The show, held February 6-14 in the enormous Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex, is targeted at fans of shooting, fishing and camping. Hundreds of guides and hundreds more equipment suppliers set up the show for some 200,000 attendees. The show includes a “Shooting Sports” hall that takes up one third of the space. The NRA is protesting and I don’t know if they will comply or not. If I were Comcast, I’d be getting ready for a mega-suit. The show was already mired in controversy when the mayor of Harrisburg demanded money from the NRA before allowing city police to work inside the show – that’s outrageous. The police were already being paid extra money by the NRA. But the city wanted more and the NRA said no. Instead, they gave its annual show donation to other area facilities. Tell me how this isn’t sheer persecution because of politics and the gun issue? Comcast should be ashamed of themselves.

2016 Great American Outdoor Show – Exhibitors

2016 Great American Outdoor Show – Family

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