Convict Kills and BBQs Family Dog While Grandchildren Home

Well, here is a guy that is sure to get the grandfather of the year award. Convicted drug dealer Salvador Martinez was arrested for cruelty to animals and child abuse after he killed the family dog with a screwdriver and then skinned it and got ready to cook it on the grill all while his grandkids were in the home.

With these new charges, Martinez, 46, also violated his parole. In 2003 he was convicted of drug smuggling from Mexico into his home state of New Mexico.

A drunk man in New Mexico stabbed his girlfriend’s 9-month-old puppy with a screwdriver, skinned the pooch and planned to serve it for dinner, police says.

Prosecutors in Torrance County have charged Salvador Martinez, 46,with felony extreme cruelty to animals on accusations that he killed his girlfriend’s black-and-white chiweenie Onyx, a mix of dachshund and Chihuahua.

He’s also charged with child abuse.

“The [grandchildren] were present inside the residence and had full knowledge of what was taking place with their family pet,” Sheriff Heath White told KRQE.

His daughter says that he had been warning he was going to do such a thing but no one believed him as they thought he was just talking drunk.

Nice guy, eh?

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