Couple Caught Having Steamy Sex in Parking Lot… Then THIS Happens [PHOTOS]

Couple Caught Having Steamy Sex in Parking Lot… Then THIS Happens [PHOTOS]

Classy. Way to spoil everyone’s meal, y’all. A married couple in Kentucky decided to get it on near a drive-thru at a Hardee’s restaurant. They were arrested for indecent exposure by the police. This happened in the middle of the day. Both spouses are 24 and already have four kids. I guess they were going for #5. Just tacky. Porn with your meal… dinner and a show. Fries with that? It gives a whole new meaning to fast food. And I simply adore the video title: ‘Hot & Hardee’s: couple shags in fast food parking lot.’ Too funny.


From the Daily Mail:

Perhaps they were just hungry for some good lovin’.

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A married couple from Kentucky were arrested on charges of indecent exposure after police say they were caught having sex in the parking lot of a fast-food joint in broad daylight.

Brittany Pennington and Jonathan Howard, both 24, were arrested outside a Hardee’s restaurant in Harlan County on Monday morning.

According to police, customers who were lined up at the drive-thru window spotted the amorous couple engaging in what appeared to be sexual intercourse in their 1994 Ford Crown Victoria car.

Citations issued to the young lovers state that Howard and Pennington exposed their genitals with the knowledge their conduct was likely to cause affront or alarm to the surrounding public, according to the Harlan Daily Enterprise. So, they just couldn’t wait to get home to engage. How very redneck and the very essence of trailer trash. They don’t look all that bright either. In fact, their mugshots make them look like drug addicts. They called their actions a ‘mistake’. No a mistake would be a wardrobe malfunction… this was just intentionally lewd. They’ve been married four years, so this chick has been pregnant the whole time they’ve been together. She’s a full time mommy and he’s great at showing off his tongue piercing. Howard and Pennington were both charged with first-degree indecent exposure and sent to the Harlan County Detention Center. What a couple.



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