Couple ‘isolated their adopted son in the basement & led him to create a family out of stuffed animals’

There is no excuse for this kind of treatment of a child. None… even though all the facts aren’t out there yet. Loneliness can be a form of torture. If the mother and father, after adopting the boy, found that he was mentally and socially not right, they should have contacted social services and either had someone help the boy or remove the boy for his own well-being. To solve the problem by isolating him in the basement, with nothing to keep him warm, putting his food at the top of the stairs and having a camper toilet to relieve himself, is just downright mean.

From The Daily Mail:

A couple have been accused of mentally and emotionally abusing their 16-year-old adopted son by isolating him from the rest of the family, forcing him to live alone in the uninhabitable basement and even feeding him different food to their biological children.

Eric Corcoran and Angela Corcoran of Deerfield Township, Livingston County, are charged with second-degree child abuse, reports Detroit Free Press.

The pair, both 43, are accused of years of abuse, beginning when the teen was aged 12 and they forced him to eat different meals than the family and only being allowed to ‘sit in corner of one room of the main home.’

Angie Corcoran is accusing of slapping the teen’s legs while he slept as well as hitting him with a a hanger, which broke.

Eric Corcoran, admitted to protective services that the door separating the basement from the main level of the home is locked so the teen can not access the home.

He said that the boy, who can not be named for legal reasons, uses the camper toilet when no one else is home, according to court documents.

The teen’s room in the basement was sparse according to a CPS worker.

It had a twin bed, but no sheets, blankets or pillows despite the basement being ‘colder than the rest of the house.’

Protective services noted the boy’s meals were left on the top of the stairs for him, court documents alleged.

The teen, who is now in foster care, was so lonely he even created a family for himself using stuffed animals.

He told protective services that his brother punched him and his sister threatened him with a gun, according to court documents.

Eric Corcoran told protective services that his then-adopted son lashes out at people and steals things throughout the house, court records show.

As bad as this sounds
, the boy is said to have killed the family cat. Only Family Services will know if the boy is a clinical sociopath. But if that was going on, why wasn’t it reported? Why didn’t they go to Social Services and tell them about it? Instead they tried to give him away and then barricaded him in the basement. Did he go to school? Did he have any friends? Did the school notice odd behavior? There are a lot of unanswered questions here. I’m sure the boy does want a loving family and after all this he will need therapy. Someone definitely needs to find out if he has sociopathic tendencies. Regardless, the way the mother and father treated the adopted son and the way they let the other children treat him, reminds me of Cinderella in drag. It is unforgivable behavior in the extreme.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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