Cowards! Video shows student mercilessly beaten and stomped by a gang of girls at a McDonald’s as a large crowd stands back and does nothing [Video]

This is the most violent ‘fight’ video I think I have ever seen. These girls are nothing but rabid animals. I’m a firm believer in an eye for an eye. After what they did to that poor girl that they almost stomped to death, they deserve whatever they get. No sympathy here whatsoever. I saw at least five girls in a gang punching, ripping and pummeling one small girl. She fought back like hell. People just stood around laughing, commenting and taking pictures and video. Disgusting.

From The Daily Mail:

Graphic cell phone footage has emerged of brutal attack on a school girl that took place in Brooklyn after class on Monday afternoon.

The three minute clip shows an unfair fight that begins with a small girl in a light blue hoodie being set upon by at least four other students.

As the girl is mercilessly pummelled by the gang her blonde hair extensions are ripped from her head as she is repeatedly punched and kicked.

The vicious fight is cheered on by dozens of other youths who jockey for a good view of the senseless violence.

The video, posted on Facebook, captures the afternoon brawl at a McDonald’s near Erasmus Hall High School on Flatbush Avenue.

Despite being outnumbered, the small girl gives as good as she gets and at one point she pulls a black hoodie off one of her attackers to reveal a bra.

Towards the end of the video – which has been shared more than 19,000 times and viewed more than 740,000 – the smaller girl is left cowering under a table.

Finally an adult appears and attempts to break up the fight, but the taller attacker now stripped down to her bra kicks and stomps on her victim’s head, calling her a ‘bitch,’ before storming off.

Bystanders can be heard saying, ‘She’s dead,’ and, ‘You murdered her.’

A few students then intervene, pick the small girl up and sit her on a nearby bench. Immediately she collapses and so the students help her to lie down.

NYPD have reviewed the video, but there is very little they can do because it doesn’t appear that anyone has filed a complaint, reports the New York Daily News.

Brooklyn community activist Tony Herbert hopes the victim comes forward and is demanding her assailants be arrested.

‘The message has to be sent very clearly, that this kind of violence will not be tolerated whether in a mall or in restaurants and those involved should turn themselves in to authorities immediately so as to face the consequences of their violent actions,’ he said.

Anyone with information about the fight is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1-800-577-TIPS FREE.

One adult finally shows up, but he doesn’t stop the witch who stomped twice on the victim’s head before stalking off. Tell me this… the girl must have gone to the hospital. Shouldn’t they have filed a report with the police? Isn’t this video enough evidence whether charges are filed or not to go after at least the ring leader? Her face is wholly identifiable. There should have been security cameras as well. Anyone there that didn’t help should be charged as an accomplice. Throw the book at all of them. Every one of these animals should be thrown into a deep, dark pit and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Shame on those people who just watched this happen.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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