Coy Mathis: Pawn in a Very Sick Game

It’s bad enough that moonbat social engineers have been going berserk in their laboratories, like mad doctors in old horror movies. What’s worse is that their subjects aren’t monsters stitched together out of corpses — they are innocent children:

The parents of a transgender 6-year-old have filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division because Eagleside Elementary School in Fountain banned the first-grader from using the girls’ restroom.

The child, Coy Mathis, was born male but identifies as female. [He] had attended the school since December 2011 before being pulled out by [his] parents.

Don’t worry, comrades. Even when educrats are reactionary enough to put children’s well-being ahead of progressive ideology, the media, activists, and courts will step in to save the day.

“This is significant for both Colorado and nationally,” said Michael Silverman, executive director of the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, who is representing the family. “For Colorado, it is the first test of the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act as related to access to bathrooms by transgender students.”

If the parents’ little experiment went to school in moonbat-infested Boulder, he would be all set:

Boulder’s guidelines specifically address restroom accessibility, stating that “students shall have access to the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity consistently asserted at school.”

Encouraging a boy from a young age to pretend he is a girl will obviously have an extremely deleterious effect on his mental health. Bizarrely, moonbats take the inevitable psychiatric problems involved in failing to come to grips with your own body as an argument in favor of exacerbating these problems.

Every two years, the [Boulder school] district participates in Boulder County’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey, which “consistently has found one of the high-risk groups for teen suicide are GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) or questioning,” [district spokesman Briggs] Gamblin said. “It’s critically important that these students feel included — part of the community, not separated from it.”

Then we should stop deliberately nurturing severe psychiatric maladies and instead encourage children to live normal lives.

In an attempt to stay out of court, the Fountain school has mostly played along with Coy’s parents’ sick game:

Coy Mathis wears girls’ clothing, and students and staff used female pronouns when referring to [him]. But Fountain-Fort Carson administrators decided over winter break that the child should use the boys’ restroom, the staff’s restroom or the one in the school nurse’s office.

Not good enough. The Mathises want their son to use the girls’ bathroom, lest he fall prey to “harassing and bullying.”

If this were their actual motive, they would be unlikely to encourage their son to behave like a freak. As always, the bullying is on the part of liberals who want to force everyone else to live in a world remade in their own warped image.

Coy Mathis, a boy raised by moonbats.

On tips from Dr. 9, Todd F, Muddypaw, Matt S, and Jim S. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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