Crazy LIB Has A Sick Tolerance For Rapists…Prefers Them Over “Racists”, And Doing THIS To Support Them…

Crazy LIB Has A Sick Tolerance For Rapists…Prefers Them Over “Racists”, And Doing THIS To Support Them…

These liberal morons are insane. A leftist airhead in Germany briefly posted a sign on Facebook that reads: “WILL TRADE RACISTS FOR RAPISTS.” She must have a desire to be raped or has fantasies about it. She’s sick and twisted. The sign was taken off FB quickly and I can see why. That’s a special kind of stupid. I can’t believe people think this way and promote it without shame. But then again, if you are brain damaged, you probably don’t get just how nuts you really are. I guess to these clueless twits diversity is more important than security.


From The Federalist Papers Project:

The left in Europe are apparently willing to go as far as it takes to promote their “diversity” agenda – even if it means getting raped.

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At a rally in Germany, one young leftist was holding up a sign that stated she’d be happy to live in a country of rapists, so long as they weren’t racists too.

“WILL TRADE RACISTS FOR RAPISTS,” the sign read. It was posted on Facebook, but quickly taken down.

The message? Diversity is more important than your security.

The image was briefly posted on Socialist activist Rote Antifa’s Facebook page. Below the picture was the caption: “Prefer sexually active fugitives over German racists.” Just wow. She should really watch some of the videos out there that shows Islamists raping women and then beheading them. Maybe that would give her something to ponder. She should ask the women who were assaulted, molested and raped on New Year’s Eve there in Cologne about how they feel in regards to these rapists as opposed to racists. She probably would be floored with the response. Liberals just don’t get it until they become victims themselves. And even then, they are so dense they don’t always wake up. She’s as clueless as the government there is in Cologne where they told the women to cover up and not incite the men. Attacks against gay and lesbian refugees by refugees is also on the rise. Germany has started building separate housing units for the LGBT community to protect them. The rapes will increase as more refugees come in. Hope that liberal really means it about preferring rape over racism… she may just get her wish.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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