DEMONIC: Man Caught on Camera Horribly Abusing His Girlfriend’s 13 year-old DISABLED Son [Video]

I literally gasped when I saw what this demonic beast did to this poor, helpless boy. If I were his mother and found out about this, not only would he be an ex-boyfriend, he would be lucky if all that happened was that he was arrested for abuse. I would experience such a black rage that this scum’s life would definitely be at risk. He delighted in what he did to the poor boy. He twisted his legs to the point of almost breaking them. He also twisted his arms and hurt his hands which are frozen in place. He then picked him up and threw him on a bed in another room. Just evil.

From Clash Daily:

This is sick. What would you do if you saw this happening to your child?

How could anyone be this cruel, uncaring and brutal? It makes you want to cry and simultaneously exercise your 2nd Amendment rights and fast. That boy is already going through hell… trapped in his ravaged body with no one there to brighten his day or give him things to think about or love. Then this troll comes along and actively tortures him on top of that. If there is any justice here, that dirt bag will get the living crap beat out of him at the very least. He’s a demon on two legs and lower than a snake. He should rot in prison permanently.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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