A Dog proves he’s a cat’s best friend when he removes a paper cup from the feline’s trapped head [Video]

I believe that dogs have hearts of gold. I think the dog just instinctively went over to help another animal and removed the cup. Some think it is staged… I don’t think so, although I would have thought the guy filming might have tried to help the kitty. Regardless, it is a cute video and the cat is certainly happy to be free of that cup. I have seen many cats get their heads stuck in cups and other things like this, or get tape stuck on them somewhere and take off like a bat out of hell. The dog was very gentle while freeing the feline. The cat just looked confused and relieved.

The dog approaches the cat, who is still struggling with the paper cup on its head.

The dog nears the distressed cat and removes the cup with its jaw, setting it free.

From the Daily Mail:

When this cat found himself in a spot of bother, help was on hand from an unlikely source.

As the cat frantically tried to pull a paper cup off its head by wheeling round in circles, a dog trotted on to the scene and came to the rescue.

The dog approached the distressed cat and removed the cup with its jaw, setting it free.

The two animals then go their separate ways, with the clearly relieved cat the last shot in the clip.

More than 100,000 have watched the video since it was uploaded to YouTube.

The footage left viewers perplexed as the animals put aside their age-old hostilities.

One commentator said: ‘I love how the cat casually goes back to whatever it was doing like nothing had happened.’

Others suggested the dog simply wanted the paper cup.

It must have been terrifying for the poor cat to have that stuck on his head. The dog seemed pragmatic and simply removed it delicately with his jaws and ran off with it. Probably to show his owner his good deed. The cat is embarrassed and probably ran off to have a snooze. Cats and dogs can often times be friends. Yes, dogs chase cats and vice versa… but that is not always the case. Both love to play and it really depends on growing up around one another. Predators in all species aside, if people were as good to one another as animals are at times, we’d live in a much nicer world.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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