Dragging Birth Certificates Into The Transgender Psychosis

There are some people who don’t want to hear this, but the reality is that you can no more change your sex than you can change your species. If you’re born a woman, you’re going to remain a woman even if they mutilate your vagina and turn it into a penis. If you’re a man, you’re going to remain a man even if you get breast implants and estrogen injections.

Humoring people who “feel” like they’re the other sex and allowing them to surgically mutilate themselves is about as responsible as handing someone who’s suicidal a bottle of sleeping pills and a couple of Smiths albums.

Still, our society does it anyway and of course, when you cater to people’s delusions, it’s hard to be surprised when it goes even further awry,

Individuals who claim they’re “transgender” are suing the New York City Health Department over what they say is discrimination. These people are upset because the city won’t change the sex listed on their birth certificates unless they’ve had elaborate surgery to refashion their private parts and received subsequent psychiatric evaluations attesting to the permanence of their supposed “transition” to the opposite gender.

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….Calling the accurate sex recorded at a birth “a mistake” is the misleading yet predictable result of a creeping activist agenda quietly transforming the country. There is disagreement in confused medical circles on whether believing oneself to be the gender opposite to that indicated by one’s physical characteristics and sex chromosomes is a medical condition or a psychiatric disorder. The American Medical Association supports treatment that includes radical surgery. The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders classifies it as an identity disorder, though the shrinks are under pressure to change that in the next edition.

…Yet a birth certificate, like a death certificate, is a snapshot of an historical event. It records information that’s pertinent on the day of the birth, including the names of the parents, the weight and length of the infant and the kid’s name. As a record of birth, it’s not meant to change to reflect who we become in life, which is why women (or men) choosing to assume new last names upon marriage aren’t required to change their birth certificates.

…It’s fair to ask where all of this is heading. Could Jocelyn Wildenstein – famously nicknamed “Catwoman” for the feline appearance she achieved through multiple plastic surgeries – decide after years of struggling with her identity that she is actually a cat? With the precedents set by these new policies, all she would need to do to secure her new cat identity is find a doctor to certify that she was undergoing “appropriate clinical treatment” to secure the right to demand that her official government documents be altered to reflect who she has become. She’s already had the surgeries.

Here’s a thought: How many of these people want to change their birth certificates so they can mislead people they’re dating about their gender? Can you imagine marrying someone and finding out afterwards that he is the same sex as you?

“Born a man? That’s crazy! I’ve always been a woman. It says so right here on my birth certificate!”

What’s next? Are we going to allow them to sue people for revealing that they used to be the other sex? Maybe we can make it illegal for their parents to call them by their original gender birth name. How far do we have to go with this nonsense?

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