Entitled Woman becomes Enraged when She’s denied FREE food at Denny’s

Entitled Woman becomes Enraged when She’s denied FREE food at Denny’s

Natasha West was dining with friends at Denny’s on 9217 Cicero Ave. in Chicago. Her friend ordered all-you-can-eat pancakes for $4. West began eating the pancakes too, but that’s when a waitress notified West that only the person who ordered the all-you-can-eat special was allowed to enjoy the pancakes. Natasha West can order her own unlimited supply of pancakes for $4. However, Natasha West became enraged and erratic, turning violent and looking like she’s ready to fight someone. All because she’s not allowed to have free food at a restaurant that does what other restaurants do – they make you pay for food.

free food dennys lady goes insane

From NBC Chicago:

The friend began sharing the pancakes with West but a waitress said that was not allowed as the offer was only good for one diner at a time. After that, police allege West became irate, swearing and swinging her fists at the server several times.

West and her friends left without paying and West allegedly kicked a door several times on her way out.

Talk about a rough day being a waitress! No tip. Check not paid. Almost get into a fight because a degenerate entitled person thinks they can just walk into a restaurant and eat for free. Just pay $4 and you can sit there for an hour until you turn into a pancake yourself. Stop giving the waitress a hard time because she’s doing her job.

I hope people in Chicago stop by the Denny’s and show them how good customers act.

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