EPIC VIDEO! BOSTON BOMBING VICTIM Confronts “Free Jahar” Protesters Outside Court – “Get a Life!”

Fucarile does not suffer fools easily. As he walks by the protesting idiots, who support a Jihadist murderer such as Tsarnaev, he succinctly tells the grandstanding morons to get a life and go to work. Exactly right, except these terrorist lovers have no life and probably don’t have a job either. Not one that is recognizable to most of us any way. Fucarile waves his prosthetic leg at the mushheads as he walks by. The bombing cost him his leg and almost cost him his life.

From Gateway Pundit:

Boston Marathon victim Mark Fucarile confronted protesters outside the courtroom today.

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Fucarile told the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev supporters:

“Get a life. Go to work.”

Boston marathon victim Mark Fucarile confronted two demonstrators outside the federal courthouse where accused bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was attending a hearing Thursday. Dzhokhar’s trial is scheduled for next month. The bomber was sporting a new beard for the occasion.

Mark Fucarile lost his right leg following the second blast near the Boston Marathon finish line. Fucarile was the final bombing survivor released from the hospital, leaving on July 24. He spent 45 nights at Massachusetts General Hospital and then 55 at Spaulding Rehabilitation Center.

Notice the cameras are all for the protesters, not the victims. If it bleeds, it leads. What Marxist sycophants. People died, including a child, and they have the nerve to stand out there in support of an Islamic murderer who would just as soon see them dead as he would any infidel. Fucarile spent a month and a half in the hospital fighting to live and a child was blown to bits. I might remind everyone that Tsarnaev and his dead brother (who he ran over and boy, am I glad he’s dead), looked right at that little boy as they placed the backpack with the bomb next to him and walked away. Tsarnaev and his brother should be united in hell and these protesters can go there as well.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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