Facebook Says It Will Take A Hard Look At Shady Retailers That Advertise On It’s Site

Facebook Says It Will Take A Hard Look At Shady Retailers That Advertise On It’s Site

Tired of seeing those tacky Facebook ads for clothing, perhaps even ordering from them and having a terrible experience? Well Facebook says that is going to change. They will be cracking down on companies with overwhelming negative ratings. Let’s hope they are serious. Read on for details.

From BuzzFeed:

Facebook is working on new ways to police advertisers whose products are “overwhelmingly unsatisfactory,” after a BuzzFeed News report this week showed a cottage industry of shady online retailers operating openly on the social network and using its advertising services to target users.

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BuzzFeed’s story on Tuesday described how a group of Chinese clothing companies, using names like DressLily, TideBuy, and Zaful, have been able to flourish on Facebook despite thousands of complaints from women in North America saying the sites use images stolen from other people and companies to sell poorly made knockoff clothing that is often unwearable. The knockoffs take weeks or months to deliver — if they arrive at all — and it’s almost impossible to get a refund.

“One of our most important goals with Facebook ads is to present experiences that are relevant and high-quality,” Andrew Bosworth, Facebook’s vice president of ads and pages, said in an emailed statement to BuzzFeed News. “We understand the gravity of this issue and we’re taking it very seriously.”

The lesson here is that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be careful who you order from, do your homework on their customer feedback ratings and avoid suspicious looking pages. It’s always easier to do your due diligence in advance than try to recoup lost money after the fact.

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