Fearless Shopkeeper Has a Lightning Fast Way to Disarm An Armed Robber Who Aims a Gun at His Face [Video]

That’s precisely what the shopkeeper should have done, but it took stones to do it. This man has a different mindset than most Americans. He’s witnessed firsthand the violence in Iraq. It’s an everyday occurrence there and you don’t stand around being petrified. You live and you survive by listening to your survival instincts. He reacted without hesitation, snatching the gun away from the criminal before he could fire it and that probably saved his life. The thug was sticking the gun directly in his face, but there was no fear. There was just instinctual reaction.

From IJReview:

What happens though when you have nothing to fight back with and are being held at point blank?

Shopkeeper Hunar Mohammed, who was held at gunpoint in his own store, did what he thought was his only option when a robber demanded that he turn over alcohol and cigarettes. He simply snatched the handgun away from the would-be robber and the man ran out of the store.

When asked why did what he did, Hunar had a surprising answer for the British publication Borehamwood & Elstree Times:

Mr Mohamed said: “What choice did I have but to take the gun from him? I wasn’t scared. I just took the gun from him and he ran and that was that.

“I did what any normal person would do to save their lives. He didn’t leave with anything and for that I am glad.

“It’s the first time this has ever happened to me but I am from Iraq so I am used to seeing guns. That is why I left the country.”

The intruder, Luke Pearson, 24, was caught by police and is now being charged with armed robbery.

Obviously, the young idiot robbing the store wasn’t a professional, very savvy or even close to being smart. It’s a pity that Mr. Mohamed left Iraq because of the violence, only to find it had followed him here to the US. It didn’t used to be that way. But we live in a brave, new world where violence lurks at every turn. The owner didn’t have time to pull out a gun, but I would hope he has one at the ready. Sometimes a bullet is far quicker than reflexes. That is one brave store owner – good for him.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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