Female ROTC Sharpshooter Hero with Rifle Chases Off Two Armed Robbers in Her Yard

Female ROTC Sharpshooter Hero with Rifle Chases Off Two Armed Robbers in Her Yard

Now, this is a feel-good story! Marilyn Williams lives in Clovis, California and get this… she is a former ROTC sharpshooter medalist. So, when two robbers came into her yard and she threatened to shoot them, they took heed. They took off their masks, dropped their guns and the goods they had just stolen from an elderly couple. Smart move after some very dumb ones. I’m pretty sure she would have followed through with her threat and that would have been fine by me as well. Good for her.

Female Sharpshooter

From American Military News:

Marilyn Williams of Clovis, California is being hailed a hero after she chased off two armed robbers trying to evade police and got them to drop the loot!

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After the two punks robbed an elderly couple’s home, they were quickly pursued by cops. When Williams heard the commotion she came outside and saw the thugs hopping her fence.

“I kept telling at him: I’m gonna shoot you!” the former ROTC sharpshooter medalist told them, according to a local report.

Her actions forced the criminals to take off their masks, drop their guns and the jewelry they stole!

God bless you Marilyn!


From Fox News:

A couple of burglars in California picked the wrong yard to cut through!

Two suspects had allegedly robbed an elderly couple’s home in Marilyn Williams’ neighborhood.

She grabbed her gun when she heard a commotion involving police outside.

It turns out that Williams is a former high school ROTC member who once earned a sharpshooter medal.

Williams was there with her rifle, in position to fire, when one of the suspects hopped over her fence during his getaway.

She was waiting for these idiots when they came over her fence. Marilyn says she keeps a gun at her home because you can’t always wait for the police to arrive. Isn’t that the truth? Your own best protection is yourself. “You have to be able to protect yourself and your home and your family,” Williams said. “You have to be able to do what you need to do, ’cause sometimes that’s why people are dead.” I love this woman! She definitely got her men and they were just lucky they didn’t get ‘ventilated’ in the process.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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