Fiend Who Butchered Newborn Daughter Sues for Being Denied Halal Meat

Have a box of tissues handy. Only those with hearts of stone will fail to weep upon reading this tale of discrimination against a put-upon Religion-of-Peacenik who was denied halal meat.


The conservative administration of Campbell Newman, Premier of Queensland, Australia…

will appeal a decision to award a baby killer $3000 in compensation for not being given special food in prison, Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie says.

Former butcher Raymond Akhtar Ali, who is serving a life sentence for bashing his newborn daughter to death in 1998 and dismembering her body, took legal action after he was fed vegetarian meals in jail for four months instead of halal meat.

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal ordered the Government pay $3000 in compensation.

The murdered baby’s mother was 22-year-old Amanda Leanne Blackwell.

Blackwell, who worked in Ali’s halal butcher shop, became his virtual “sex slave” and fell pregnant to the married man, the Supreme Court heard.

Minutes after she secretly gave birth at a Logan Village property, Ali killed the baby.

A post-mortem found the newborn suffered severe fractures, likely from being crashed against a hard surface while still alive.

Her right leg was severed, she had been cut in half at the abdomen, and her reproductive organs had been removed.

Don’t be judgmental. Muslims have different cultural norms.

Ali, who can apply for parole from August next year, can access the money if there are no claims from victims, child support agencies or for any fines he may owe, but not while he is in jail.

If only Australia would become progressive enough to legalize post-birth abortion, Ali could have been spared this trauma.

On a tip from Andrew in Australia. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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