He Found a Trap Door in His New House. What It Led To? OMG…

He Found a Trap Door in His New House. What It Led To? OMG…

I would simply love this discovery! A young man moved into an apartment somewhere in Britain. It is a lovely flat with high ceilings, wood floors, a loft and new accoutrements everywhere. There is nothing like moving into a new place and discovering everything in the home for the first time. Usually, you’ll find a number of pleasant surprises and sometimes, a number of unpleasant ones. This one was strange and haunting. This guy found a trap door in front of his bathroom. Being adventurous, he just had to see what was down there and it was quite a surprise.

Trap Door

From Guilty Fix:

Moving into a new place is always really exciting. You have all sorts of new rooms and corners to fill with your prized possessions, and all the new space promises endless new opportunities.

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You just have to hope it’s not haunted.

Take a look at what happened to this new homeowner after he moved in… and made a seriously creepy discovery.


The building turned out to be an old English monastery conversion, which dates back to the 19th century. It now has about 30 apartments, but none as special as the one on the ground floor. You know, the one with the secret dungeon.

At first it looked like junk or survival supplies to me. Then I saw the stairs and thought, wow… it’s a fallout shelter of some sort. It was even stranger than that. The apartment was built on an old English monastery with passages under the building to various rooms that look all the world like dungeons or crypts. There was quite a maze going on down there and it was definitely spooky. Only that one apartment had an entrance into the underground vault. Hopefully, the guy has no plans for parties or other activities down there. Silence of the Lambs started coming to mind. Heh. Or maybe Dracula. On the bright side, I didn’t see spiders, snakes or rats a la Indiana Jones. This guy got more than his rent’s worth, that’s for sure. I think it is cool.

Trap Door1

Trap Door2

Trap Door3

Trap Door4

Trap Door5

Trap Door6

Trap Door7

Trap Door8

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