Four Teenage Texas Brothers Save 75-Yr-Old From Jail Because of Over Grown Lawn

In an act of neighborly kindness, four teenaged brothers in Riesel, Texas saved a 75-year-old woman from going to jail because of the over grown grass on her property by loading up their lawn mowers and cutting her lawn.

The four brothers heard on the news that 75-year-old Gerry Suttle was about to be arrested for being unable to cut her lawn. So, even though they didn’t know the woman, they sprang into action.

On Tuesday, the Reynolds boys saw News 10’s report about Gerry Suttle, the 75-year-old Riesel woman who has a warrant out for her arrest because her grass was too high.

Even though they didn’t know Suttle, they decided to load up their mowers and come mow her lot.

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“We haven’t met her yet but she’s 75 years old and she needs some help mowing,” said Blaine Reynolds. “That’s the least we could do.”

Once the brothers got started, others in the community joined. Together, they were able to mow the entire lot in about two hours.

“I cannot believe this,” Suttle said.

Suttle said she’s not often speechless, but today she was.

“I am very seldom without words. This is one time. You might want to mark it down in history that I didn’t have something to say,” Suttle said.

This is what we need. More neighbors willing to help each other. This country has strayed too far from that.

Warner Todd Huston

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