Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera Says Actor Vince Vaughn is Just Like Oklahoma City Bomber Tim McVeigh Over Pro-Gun Comments

As we reported on Monday, actor Vince Vaughn told GQ magazine that he was a firm believer in our Second Amendment rights and even said that there should be guns in schools. Now, Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera is claiming that Vaughn is somehow “just like” murderous Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh because Vaughn supports the Constitution.

In his interview, Vaughn noted that the Second Amendment was meant in part to keep the US government in check. This incensed Rivera.

During his spot on Fox News’ “The Five,” Rivera revealed that apparently he thinks anyone who is pro-gun must be an anti-government terrorist.

After Gutfeld asserted that is important since it “defends the First Amendment,” Rivera sought to mock gun rights supporters when he declared that “[a]nybody who thinks they need guns, there’s a gun for every man, woman and child in the country to protect against the corrupt and arrogant and pervasive government.”

When Rivera then asked his fellow co-hosts if Vaughn’s statements “remind you of Timothy McVeigh and the militias,” multiple groans were heard and they immediately began shouting in his direction.

Gutfeld emerged from the groans to push back at Rivera and first expressed befuddlement at the comparison: “Oh please – that reminds me of almost all of America and by the way, why would you go straight to McVeigh? Why would you?”

Cut off from continuing, Rivera warned that Americans “are bathing in blood in the civil war that is racking the inner city of this country” and that “[t]he last thing we need now is guns.”

Responding once again, Gutfeld pointed out that many of those shootings Rivera referenced are committed with “illegal guns” by gangs and has nothing to do with the Second Amendment or “law-abiding citizens.” In another swipe, Gutfeld told Rivera that he shouldn’t “play that game with me.”

Rivera couldn’t be more wrong, or more anti-American, on this.

Warner Todd Huston

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