Gay Santa

Is nothing sacred to the militant moonbats bent on corrupting every aspect of our society? The answer: that’s right, nothing.

So who knew? Santa Claus is a ho-ho homosexual. When the story goes public, it rocks the world. Well, at least in writer-performer Jeffrey Solomon’s “Santa Claus Is Coming Out,” his newest one-man show exploring gay issues.

It gets worse:

What Solomon’s really interested in is how to discuss gay sexual orientation with young children. It’s a timely and important subject, particularly as the religious right’s demagoguery has exploited people’s fear of it to roll back legal gay marriage in California and Maine. But while Solomon — who has taught theater to children in Catholic school and written works for young audiences — has his heart in the right place, his play is a curiously muted affair.

What, no anal sex on stage to titillate the children? That’s okay, given the agenda of our Safe Schools Czar, kids will probably be getting more than enough of that in their third grade classrooms.

Not even Saint Nick is safe from depraved propaganda targeting children.

On a tip from Anonymous Countermoonbat. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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