German firemen forced to wear gas masks as they rescued a 350lb man who had not washed for five years and was stuck inside filthy apartment knee-deep in pizza boxes

Well, this is a disgusting turn of events… I don’t know how you can exist being that overweight and not bathing for years. The smell alone would drive you mad. Even if you had everything delivered and worked at home, how could you keep from going stir-crazy? Surely the neighbors could smell the filth next door. Didn’t anyone complain? I feel a mixture of pity and revulsion for the poor man’s circumstances – what a living nightmare.

Firemen were forced to don gas masks to rescue a bedridden obese man who had not washed in five years.

From the Daily Mail:

Firemen in Germany were forced to don gas masks to rescue a bedridden obese man who had not washed in five years.

Neighbours of the 25-stone man thought their apartment block in the town of Nurtigen near Stuttgart, had been targeted in a chemical attack when firemen turned up wearing bio-hazard suits and respirators.

But it was because of conditions inside the 65-year-old’s apartment – described as ‘absolute hell’ by one firefighter – which forced them into such drastic precautions.

‘It was knee deep in rubbish, from rotting pizza boxes to old food and tins….and vermin rustling about,’ the firefighter added. ‘The smell was indescribable.’

Firemen had to smash the front door to his apartment down because there was too much rubbish behind it to push open.

The morbidly obese man was was found amid a pile of the refuse with serious difficulty breathing. A neighbour called police after hearing rhythmic tapping on her ceiling – his SOS for help.

The man was too fat to exit through the door to his home and had to be lowered with a crane to a waiting ambulance.

I guess he has no family or friends to check on him. I don’t believe the neighbors when they said they had no idea – someone surely suspected something. And what of the food deliverers? People are so quick to turn away these days – too many problems of their own. The man would have surely died if the downstairs neighbor had not heard the tapping. What a waste of a life – maybe he will get the physical and mental help he needs now, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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