Giant Buttocks Could Win Turner Prize

Politics is downstream of culture. The art community is upstream of it. The stream has turned yellow because moonbats have been urinating in it:

An art show featuring a 10-metre-high sculpture of a man’s backside has been nominated for the Turner Prize.

Sculptor Anthea Hamilton’s bare-faced cheek was rewarded by judges who shortlisted for the £25,000 art award …

The work is called Project for [D]oor (After Gaetano Pesce) and is set into a brick wall and shows a man’s hands clutching his backside. …

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The buttocks artwork was inspired by an idea by Italian designer Pesce, who proposed making it as a giant entrance for a Manhattan skyscraper that never went ahead.

The subtle meaning of this tasteful piece is explained:

The curator of the New York gallery where it was initially shown said the work built on the original “hypothetical idea”.

Ruba Katrib said: “In Anthea’s work, the ass breaks out of the wall of the exhibition space in a forceful act of opening.”

If there are any da Vincis or Rembrandts out there, they labor in obscurity, while the cultural gatekeepers present us with spread-cheeked butts in place of art.

Future archeologists can look to the art world for clues as to why our civilization accomplished such incredible feats, only to flush itself down the pipes.

They want you to accept this as art.

On a tip from Steve T. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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