Girl Scouts of America Welcomes Cross-Dressing Boys into their Ranks [Video]

Well, that tears it… no more Girl Scout cookies. And I love those cookies. We’ll support the American Heritage Girls here locally instead. GSA has lurched so far to the left that their membership has plummeted by about one million girls since 2003 – about 27% of their membership has left over this and I don’t blame them in the least. If I had a small daughter again, there is no way I would allow her anywhere near the homosexual agenda-driven, abortion supporting, cross-dressing enabling organization of the Girl Scouts of America. They have embraced perversion in the name of diversity. The latest move is mind blowingly in the ultra-conservative state of Utah. Allowing little boys to pretend they are girls is sick and twisted. I contend it is a form of child abuse. This is yet another slap in the face to Christians and like so many others, I’ve had enough of it.

From Breitbart:

The Girl Scouts of America (GSA) is the latest organization to cave to pressure from the LGBTIQA lobby, adapting its policies to extend membership to boys who identify as girls.

Penny Nance from Concerned Women for America called the decision “just one more slap in the face to Christian parents.”

On the GSA website, the association states: “If the child is recognized by the family and school/community as a girl and lives culturally as a girl, then Girl Scouts is an organization that can serve her in a setting that is both emotionally and physically safe.”

Girls participating in the scouts will now be obliged to recognize transgenderism as a normal lifestyle, critics say.

The conservative American Family Association expressed its outrage at the policy change, accusing scout leaders of “losing their moral compass.” This is the case of adults being “willing to experiment on our kids—both the boys who are confused and the girls who will wonder why a boy in a dress is in the bathroom with them.”

“Boys in skirts, boys in make-up and boys in tents will become a part of the program. This change will put young innocent girls at risk,” the group said.

This isn’t the first time that the issue of transgender boys wanting to join the Girl Scouts has come up, though such cases are fairly uncommon. In early 2012, seven-year old Bobby Montoya, who was living as a girl, was allowed to join his local Girl Scout troop in Colorado.

The GSA’s tendency toward greater permissiveness prompted the creation of a new organization in 1995, called the American Heritage Girls, “a Christ-centered alternative to Girl Scouts” that openly embraces a “Judeo-Christian focus” and a mission to build women of integrity through “service to God, family, community and country.”

Since 2003, GSA’s enrollment has dropped by over one million girls, almost 27% of its membership, a decline that critics attribute to its “lurch to the left.”

Last year, pro-lifers launched a national cookie boycott after the Girl Scouts endorsed Wendy Davis, a pro-abortion candidate for governor of Texas.

When I was a little girl, I loved belonging to the Brownies and then the Girl Scouts. Things have not changed for the better. I’m sorry… most of America does not recognize homosexuality as ‘normal’ or transgenderism as ‘commonplace.’ And I refuse to let my grandchildren have perversion forced upon them – thus they attend private schools where that is not the case. This puts the girls at risk and just messes up the boys for life. It’s immoral and perverse. I’ll take the Judeo-Christian focus of the American Heritage Girls every time and they have chapters all over the country now. This politically motivated and morally bankrupt push to eradicate Christianity and empower sexual deviants is just plain evil. The Girl Scouts have no place in mainstream America any more – they have taken a decidedly dark turn. That’s very sad and infuriating.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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