Global Warming Demented Parents Shoot Own Kids, Commit Suicide

Argentine parents Francisco Lotero, 56, and Miriam Coletti, 23, were so worried about global warming that they decided to kill themselves and their children to avoid the calamity. It is surprising that this is the first suicide pact we’ve heard of connected to globaloney as the way the left carries on about this faux disaster most certainly lends itself to such unhinged, illogical behavior.

The couple shot their son, a seven-month-old baby girl and then themselves. Three days later the family was found and miraculously the baby girl was still hanging onto life. Fortunately, the baby girl survived the attempted murder.

The parents left a suicide note pinning their murderous outrage on a fear of global warming.

I find this craziness, however, to be the logical end game of those globaloneyists that are religiously convinced that the world is ending. Why stick around for the final iceberg to fall, right? Wouldn’t it be a merciful release to just kill yourself instead of being forced to endure the end of the world?

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I say with this action, people like Al Gore have blood on their hands.

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