Good Samaritan Stops to Help Stranded Driver in Snowstorm Who Shoots Him Execution Style

Good Samaritan Stops to Help Stranded Driver in Snowstorm Who Shoots Him Execution Style

In North Carolina, a young father stopped to help a stranded motorist who had spun out on the ice and was stuck in the snow. What happened next is horrific. Marvin Jacob Lee has been charged with the murder of Jefferson Heavner. Heavner was among a group of people who stopped to help Lee. The man became belligerent and they all decided to call the police. He looked like he was either drunk or hopped up on something. When Lee heard them calling the police, he pulled out his gun and started shooting at them. Heavner was the only one that was struck. Lee then stood over him and shot him multiple times, execution style.


From the Daily Mail:

A Good Samaritan was allegedly shot and killed by the very man he tried to help after he saw a car spin out on an icy North Carolina road on Friday afternoon.

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Marvin Jacob Lee, 27, has been charged with the murder of Jefferson Heavner. Police said he struck Lee once and then stood over his body and shot him ‘numerous times’.

Heavner, 26, was among a group of people, including neighbors and a passing truck, who went to help when they saw a car spin out and become stuck on a Catawba County road around 5.20pm.

The group then decided to call police for assistance when Lee became belligerent, according to Sheriff Coy Reid.
‘They thought he was drunk or on dope and said “Let’s just call the law and let them deal with it'”, Reid told The Charlotte Observer.

When Lee heard them calling the police he took out an automatic pistol and began shooting at the group, who tried to run away, authorities said.

Police said Lee returned to his car, which was still stuck, after he struck Lee once and then shot him again multiple times.

Officers arrived on the scene and demanded Lee to get out of the car. When he didn’t, a SWAT team arrived and found that he was passed out, according to Reid.

Lee woke up as he was being physically pulled out of the car by SWAT members and tried to resist, Reid said.

Lee then calmly went and got back in his stranded car. The police and SWAT arrived and demanded he get out with his hands up. He didn’t move, so they went to make him. Lee had passed out in his car and they had to lift him out and take him away. He woke up as he was being pulled out and tried to resist the officers. Unfortunately, they didn’t shoot the bastard. Heavner’s family is in shock and just can’t believe that doing a good deed got him killed this way. Jesse Danielle Heavner wrote a tribute to her brother reminiscing about all the times the siblings and their father used to pull cars out of ditches in bad weather. ‘I’d thought of you several times today while driving the roads of Asheville and seeing cars in ditches, thinking of old times with daddy,’ she wrote. ‘Aside from off-roading in the snow that was always our favorite part. Never in a million years would I have dreamed that ironically you were lying cold, gunned by a murderer who you had just attempted to help like we always did.’ Just awful.




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