Group of Thugs Attack Teen ‘White Boy’ – Then THIS Happens

Group of Thugs Attack Teen ‘White Boy’ – Then THIS Happens

In Norwood, Ohio a pack of black boys viciously surrounded and attacked a 13 year-old boy outside a church festival. They gathered around the boy and argued over who would punch him first. He was hit from behind and then fell to the ground where the cowards started kicking and pummeling him. An adult came on the scene and the thugs ran. Another boy can be seen helping the injured teen get up. This is racism and this is a hate crime, but you didn’t hear a peep about this in the media or from race hustlers such as Al Sharpton. The beating took place last August and was caught on video by another student that had been beaten by this gang.


From American News:

Six black teens are facing possible assault charges after brutally attacking a white 13-year-old in what is believed to be a racially-charged incident.

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It is not looking good for the teens in question, given that the incident was captured on video by another teen who had previously been threatened by the group.

The attack occurred in Norwood, Ohio, outside of the Holy Trinity Church festival. After the occasion, the teens surrounded the 13-year-old. Footage captured the group debating who was going to hit him first, when the teen was suddenly punched by one of the group members standing behind him.

The violence quickly escalated, with the victim lying on the ground and getting pummeled by punches and kicks. Fortunately, a nearby adult intervened and the attackers scrambled.

Thanks to the video, the police have been able to identify six out of the seven attackers even though the victim did not press charges. His grandmother took him to the hospital and he was treated and observed for a concussion. The boy is evidently fine. The grandmother can’t believe anyone would condone this, but they do. If the victim is white, there is nothing said about an attack. If the victim is black, thousands march in the streets. Lt. Ron Murphy of the Norwood Police Department confirmed that his unit plans to prosecute this case, along with any other cases that are posted on social media. I hope they hunt down every one of these kids and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. And somebody needs to give that kid boxing lessons and teach him how to protect himself. You don’t just take something like that without fighting back.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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