Grown Men Who Present Themselves as Dogs

Now that political correctness has overruled biological reality, men can be women. It stands to reason that they can also be dogs:

Around 10,000 people follow the pet play craze in the UK, according to Channel 4’s Secret Life of the Human Pups, which explores the phenomenon.

A 28-year-old Oxford graduate named Kye says that it is “a form of escapism.” Kye must have majored in psychology.

The programme also features the sad story of Tom, 32, a theatre technician from Tring, Hertforshire, who split up with his fiancee Rachel because of his yearning to dress up as a Dalmatian.

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He says: ‘You disappear and start chasing puppy toys. You go so deep into the head space, you crave it and want it. It’s just magic.’

‘I didn’t understand it. I didn’t want to understand it,’ says Rachel, who remains friends with Tom.

To understand would probably shatter a sane person’s mind.

Tom has spent more than £4,000 over the past 10 years on his canine habit and he shows off his rubber costume, complete with breathing tube, but admits: ‘It is quite awkward to put on, you need a lot of talc.’

So intense is Tom’s craving that he has taken to sleeping in a dog training crate, lined with puppy training pads in case he has to answer the call of nature.

As with transsexuals, there is an entire subculture of these people:

Tom – or Spot, as he likes to be known – was crowned Mr Puppy UK in November – pipping Minty and Oakleigh – and is filmed travelling to the finals of Mr Puppy Euro in Belgium.

In addition to pup play, Spot is also into BDSM. He must get his money’s worth when he buys leashes.

Recalling his ruined relationship, Tom/Spot has a brief moment of lucidity:

‘A tiny bit of me regrets being a puppy because I lost what I had.’

But no doubt seeing a squirrel to chase is enough to make him forget all about it.

Although bizarre sex may occur in the context of pup play, it is not the same thing as the furry fetish.

Furries are people who dress up in animal costumes and take on the persona of that animal.

Occasionally they engage in full-on sex in costume but more common is the bizarre practice of ‘yiffing’, a form of dry-humping.

Earlier this month nearly 3,000 people attended the annual Biggest Little Fur Con convention in Reno, Nevada, including around 700 people in fursuits.

So far Obama has not issued any authoritarian decrees regarding bathroom accommodations for furries and people who pretend they are dogs.

As sanity frays, dignity falls into disrepute, and theatrical self-indulgence reigns supreme, it couldn’t be more obvious that what is left of Western Civilization is going to the dogs.

Tom/Spot and Rachel: a romance ruined by moonbattery.

On tips from Steve A and Steve T. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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