He Thought His Hotel Maid Was Up to No Good So He Set Up a Camera. What He Captured? OMG…

He Thought His Hotel Maid Was Up to No Good So He Set Up a Camera. What He Captured? OMG…

This is why you never leave valuables in your hotel room unguarded. One man caught on video a maid coming in and going through his luggage and video games. She tried to log on to his laptop and tablet as well, although unsuccessfully. She does clean the room, but that didn’t take much. If she had managed to get into his computer, she could have potentially stolen his identity and passwords. Lord knows what she could have taken from his luggage. When traveling, it is best to go light and keep things with you of value. You just never know these days.


From American Overlook:

When we stay at a hotel, we put a lot of trust in the hotel’s staff with our personal belongings.

A lot of times we travel with expensive technology like laptops and tablets that if opened up could reveal all of our personal information.

One man recently decided to test what would happen when he left all of his personal belongings laid out in a brand-name hotel room when the cleaning staff came.

What he captured on camera will leave you feeling absolutely shocked and maybe even violated if you’ve recently stayed at a hotel.

In the video, you can see the woman browsing through his luggage and video game collection. You can also see her trying to log into his laptop and tablet for several minutes, but she is not successful in doing so. Then she goes about her cleaning, which only takes a few minutes and does not involve much work or time.

This does not necessarily mean all cleaners do this, but it’s important to be cautious and aware when you stay at a hotel.

Will you leave your belongings out in the open next time you stay in a hotel? Leave a comment below.

Many people act as though once in a hotel room, everything is safe and can be just left wherever. That’s very far from reality. Maids and other personnel are infamous for taking money and jewelry that’s left lying around. Many thieves are resourceful and if you leave computers lying around and open, you risk identity theft and worse. Credit cards can be either stolen or set up to be drained. If you value your belongings, think before you travel and just how you will be exposed to criminals while on the road. Situational awareness is everything and it includes more than just watching what is going on around you.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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