The heart-warming moment that a couple announces their pregnancy news by playing a DVD for the family and then letting a sonogram flash up at the end [Video]

This is adorable. A family was having a wonderful Christmas and it gets even better when one of the daughters and her hubby give their parents a DVD and the whole family watches it. It is full of precious clips of happiness within the family and then at the end, they have a sonogram pop up showing the baby they are expecting. What a wonderful gift – what a thunderously happy family! Grandma is screaming with her arms in the air… both grandparents and children are laughing and crying simultaneously. The little children are laughing and putting their hands over their ears because of the boisterous celebration. Happiness is contagious.

TV time: The couple gifted the novel film to Caryn’s parents on Christmas day – the whole family then sat down to watch the footage with their reactions caught on camera.

From the Daily Mail:

Cover your ears!

This is the moment a couple make a surprise pregnancy announcement to their families triggering manic squeals of joy.

Caryn and Bryan Canatella, who run a wedding videography business in Austin, Texas, decided to use their love of film and unleash their baby news via DVD.

They created a short film showing a montage of family clips, which comes to an abrupt end before script on screen reads ‘but wait… there’s more’ and a sonogram pops up.

The couple gifted the novel film to Caryn’s parents on Christmas day.

The whole family then sat down to watch the footage with their reactions caught on camera.

Caryn’s mother is seen springing up from the couch and waving her arms in the air.

Other family members follow her lead.

Meanwhile, a younger boy in the room stands with his hands over his ears as the noisy commotion hits him.

The Canatellas first baby is due in mid-August.

To date the video of their surprise pregnancy announcement has been watched more than 90,000 times.

Many viewers have applauded their novel approach.

‘What a wonderful video! You have such a lovely family which is reflected in their reactions!! Congratulations on your great news!’ one commenter wrote.

The couple broke their happy news to Bryan’s parents by gifting them a framed pregnancy scan.

Their smiling reactions were also filmed and more video updates are promised in the future.

I have three beautiful granddaughters. When my oldest daughter announced the last one, she left me a note saying there was something in the oven for me. I looked in and there was a bun. Being dense, it took me a minute to realize what was being said and then much laughter, joy and tears came. I love my children and grandchildren – they are the best. So, I can understand this celebration and rejoice in it and their happiness. It was a thoughtful and wondrous gift contained in that DVD. There will be many more to come.

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