Hero father handed his three-year-old daughter to his wife and then jumped on suicide bomber who blew up a bus in Damascus [Video]

Hatoum was a very brave man and loved his family very much… he gave his life for them. Without a second thought, when he saw the suicide bomber on the bus, he handed his 3 year-old daughter to his wife and threw himself on the bomber. 6 were killed, including Hatoum, but his wife and child survived. They are injured, but are being treated. There is so much death everywhere you go now – on every side. The world is being drenched in blood because of Jihadists who aren’t afraid to die and take everyone around them with them. Barbarity the likes of we have never seen in our lifetimes is commonplace. The killing of innocents is easy and cheap for these monsters who believe in a corrupt, evil ideology. An act of bravery by a father saved a child today… I wonder how much more before the world has had enough.

Blast: The bus, Lebanese number plates, had been carrying pilgrims close
to Damascus’ Sayyida Ruqayya shrine, according to television channel al-Manar,
which is run by Lebanese Shi’ite movement Hezbollah.

From the Daily Mail:

A heroic Lebanese man handed his three-year-old son to his wife and jumped on top of a suicide bomber just seconds before the terrorist blew himself up, it has been claimed.

Qasim Hatoum is understood to have spotted a Saudi man preparing to detonate the explosives shortly after boarding a bus in a rare attack in the centre of the Syrian capital Damascus.

In a selfless act Hatoum sought to cushion the impact of the coming blast, handing his son to his wife before running towards the militant and leaping on top of him.

The terrorist – later confirmed as a member of Al Qaeda’s Syrian-affiliate Al Nusra Front – was still able to blow himself up, killing at least six people, including Hatoum, and wounding 19 others.

However it is possible that the death toll could have [been] even higher had Hatoum not heroically attempted to less[en] the impact. It may even have killed his wife and child, the latter of whom is still receiving treatment for shrapnel wounds to the face at Damascus’ Great Prophet Hospital.

Reports of Hatoum’s bravery emerged two days after the terror attack on local news website Al Akhbar, where he was described as a ‘martyr’ who gave his life to save the lives of others.

The website claimed the suicide bomber had boarded the bus pretending to be a travelling salesman before standing at the front and preparing to blow himself up.


Following the attack a social media account linked to Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front said the hardline Sunni group was behind the blast, which took place near Hamidiyeh market place.

Rescue workers sifted through the rubble and cleared away pools of blood from the ground.

Syria’s state news agency SANA said the ‘terrorist bombing’ involved five kilograms of explosives placed in the front of the bus and that authorities had defused a second device inside a bag which was found on the floor of the vehicle.

On Sunday Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi told parliament that Syria aimed to ‘flush out all terrorists’ in 2015.

‘Hezbollah condemns the bombing that infidel criminals carried out in Damascus,’ a headline on the channel said, citing a statement from the group. It described the bombing as one in a series targeting visitors to Syria and civilians and said it should stiffen resolve to defeat such attackers.

Hezbollah has sent thousands of fighters over the border to support Syrian government forces battling an insurgency which has drawn in countries across the Middle East and stoked sectarian tensions.

Hezbollah may condemn this bombing, but they do the same dirty work. The world has become a very dangerous place, even in America. We have a president who sides with the terrorists and hearts all of Islam, while his people go hungry and suffer and die at the hands of our enemies. Much more severe warfare is now coming… this is only the beginning I fear. But for today, I look at one brave father who gave all he could in the end and I weep for all of us.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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