His Sons Are Murder Suspects & Dad Says He’s Responsible For Their Crimes [Video]

His Sons Are Murder Suspects & Dad Says He’s Responsible For Their Crimes [Video]

Oh, I have several thoughts on this one. First off, although the father bears responsibility for how he raised his children, in the end, their behavior and their decisions are their own. You cannot absolve them of guilt because they grew up in bad circumstances, being exposed to gangs, guns and drugs. Even as the father is attempting to say he is taking responsibility for how his boys behaved and if they were involved he feels responsible for that man’s death, he is also sidestepping it and claiming that the twelve year-old definitely had nothing to do with it. Sounds to me as though both boys had plenty to do with it, as did a friend who has also now been charged. If the twelve year-old was there, he’s an accessory.

Image Credit: Screen Shot WOWT

Image Credit: Screen Shot WOWT

From LiftBump:

After seeing his sons follow in his footsteps, one father is blaming himself for setting the wrong example and, in his words, “possibly ruining my children’s lives.”

As the Omaha World-Herald reports, Javaris Milton is currently serving a life sentence for murder, and his regrets were expressed from the Minnesota prison where he now resides.

Two of Milton’s sons, 17-year-old Jamar and 12-year-old Jarrell were involved in a shooting in Omaha that left one man dead and another wounded.

Jamar has been charged as an adult with first-degree murder. Jarrell, who had fled to Minnesota, was recently found and returned to Omaha where he is now awaiting his appearance in juvenile court.

Javaris blames his own bad decisions as a young father for his sons’ involvement in crime and the gang lifestyle. As a young man, he was involved in such things himself and saw little point in trying to hide it from his children.

“We had no money to take them out of the inner city, raise our kids away from the drug dealers and everything,” he told the World-Herald. “We were right smack dab in the middle and they see it. I didn’t want them picking up from nobody in the streets, so I basically showed them what I did. I sold dope, I had guns.”

Iyannia Moss, the children’s mother didn’t agree with the way Javaris continued to live his life, and left him, resettling in Omaha. However, she had difficulty controlling her sons, who moved back to Minneapolis to be with their father.

A few years later, Javaris was arrested for murder, and the boys returned to Omaha. Unfortunately, the damage, said Javaris, was already done.

He now blames himself for setting his sons on the wrong path–a fact that is now giving him a lot of sleepless nights.

“I was a poor role model,” said Javaris. “I was more a friend to my boys than I was a father. I should have been more of a father than a friend.”

Some say that it does no good to send kids to jail… but if you do the crime, be willing to do the time and bear the consequences of your actions. As far as the dad being a friend and not a dad, that’s just a cop out. Telling them to relocate because of retaliation is another excuse. The kids are hardcore gang members and the presiding judge says the twelve year-old is so dangerous, he won’t be released on bail. But, since it is suspected the younger boy was used to do certain dirty deeds because of his younger age, the court will most likely assign treatment to him and no jail time. I have doubts that will work given the environment and the boy’s actions. In the end, there is plenty of blame to go around. Both parents failed here and both boys failed as well. These boys should pay the price for murder. That is the law. This letting off psychopaths because they are young is a recipe for future murder. Color me unsympathetic.

Image Credit: Screen Shot WOWT

Image Credit: Screen Shot WOWT

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