Horrifying video shows the moment a hit-and-run driver smashes into four women [Video]

Horrifying video shows the moment a hit-and-run driver smashes into four women [Video]

I wrote on this a few days ago… those girls are very lucky to be alive. What I didn’t know were some of the details that have now come to light. There were four women who were confirmed to have been in the street brawl. Two women started it and one had a Taser. The police now have the car in custody that hit the women and they are looking for a woman and her passenger who barreled into them. The U.S. Marshals are now involved.

Street Brawl

From the Daily Mail:

The sickening moment a hit-and-run driver sent four women flying into the air during a street brawl in St Louis has been caught on camera.

The footage shows a group of people watching two unidentified women getting into an argument in the middle of the street.

One then throws something at the other and appears to turn on a Taser in her hand.

Moments later a man is heard screaming ‘watch out’ before the silver vehicle slams into the group, sending them through the air before they land on the road.

The victims are then seen picking themselves up from the street, one holding their face, as the crowd watches in horror.

The female driver, said to be in her twenties, and a passenger then drive back-up the car and fleeing with a dent in the hood.

A manhunt is now underway for the pair who are facing hit-and-run, aggravated assault and fleeing the scene charges.

All the victims walked away with minor injuries, but detectives are now searching for those responsible.

St Louis Police Chief Michael Floore told Fox 2: ‘The suspect was in a vehicle and ran over 4 girls then allegedly hit a car later on.

‘We do have the car the driver committed the crime in we currently have a person of interest we are looking for. We have also interviewed all of the victims and witnesses out there.

The U.S. Marshals are also involved in the search, and the police are urging those involved to turn themselves in.

I’ve never seen anything quite like this – especially where everyone survived and walked away to boot. A man yelled for them to look out and they had just enough time to turn around and see a car hit them. They went flying like rag dolls. Then everyone just left. Instead of seeing if everyone was okay and going after the thug in the car, they just scattered to the four winds. Surreal. The driver hit another car later on – she’s a violent lunatic. Because of the videos, as I said previously, the police had plenty of evidence and were able to track down witnesses. My bet is they’ll catch this woman before long and she will be on her way to a nice, barred cell where she belongs. She used a car as an attempted murder weapon which should send her away for a long time.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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