Horror: Darth Vader Hacks Student & Teacher to Death in Swedish School with Sword [Video]

Horror: Darth Vader Hacks Student & Teacher to Death in Swedish School with Sword [Video]

A nightmare walked into a school in Sweden dressed as Darth Vader and began his last violent, bloody task in this life. He stabbed two teachers and two children, killing one of each. The kids thought it was a Halloween stunt and had their pictures taken with him before they realized he was a psychotic mass-murderer. While having pics taken, a teacher came out and told the 21 year-old to leave because he was scaring the kids. He nodded and plunged a large knife into the teacher’s side. The last words of the teacher were to call an ambulance. He then not only stabbed another teacher, but two boys… 11 and 15. One did not make it. Police swarmed the school and shot the guy twice. He later died from his wounds. The monster had several knives and a sword.


From the Daily Mail:

The 21-year-old man who launched a sword attack on a school in Sweden and stabbed two teachers and two pupils stopped to pose for pictures with students before continuing his horrific spree.

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Wearing a Darth Vader mask and holding a sword already covered in blood, the attacker stands next to two young students at the school, seconds before stabbing a teacher, who died at the scene.

Another teacher was rushed to hospital in in Trollhättan, north of Gothenburg, alongside the injured students, two boys aged 11 and 15, one of whom died in the afternoon.

The anonymous girl who took the photograph told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that they thought it was a Halloween prank when they saw the masked man.

As the man moved across the school during his attack, the young student had no idea that the blood on the large knife he was holding was real.

She told the newspaper that she had left her classroom to fetch a pen when she spotted two friends standing with a man wearing a mask and holding a blood-covered knife.

Thinking that the 21-year-old had dressed up as a holiday joke, her friends wanted a picture with him, so she obliged.

Seconds after the picture was taken, their teacher came out of the classroom and told the killer to leave as he was scaring the children.

‘He just nodded, then he plunged the large knife into the teacher’s right side. The last thing I heard him say was “call an ambulance”.’

Kronan is located in an area of Trollhattan with a diverse population and many of the pupils are first or second generation immigrants.

In the weeks before the attack, the 21-year-old had expressed sympathies with Nazi Germany and extreme right-wing organisations.

An investigation by magazine Expo into the murderer’s social media activities found that he had ‘liked’ several YouTube videos glorifying Nazi Germany and showed support for anti-immigration and right-wing politicians on Facebook.

Police arrived at the scene shortly after 10am and were forced to shoot the 21-year-old attacker after he turned on police.

The assailant used ‘a number of knife-like weapons’ to attack students and teachers in the school cafeteria and in classrooms.

‘One of my friends opened the door and there’s a man dressed in black with a Star Wars mask and a large black sword,’ a student witness told Sveriges Television.

The victims and the masked attacker were all rushed to the Norra Alvsborgs Lanssjukhus hospital in Trollhättan, an industrial town of around 50,000 inhabitants.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday afternoon, police addressed speculation that the attack had racial motives.

‘It’s in the picture [potential racist attack], but it is nothing I wish to comment on at the moment,’ Thord Haraldsson, who is leading the investigation said.

The wounded teacher had been stabbed in the abdomen while the boys were stabbed in the abdomen, liver and chest. All were still undergoing surgery and were ‘very critically unstable’ condition, he said.

‘They hover between life and death,’ Dr. Lars Spetz told a press conference this morning.

The attacker, who was also admitted to the Norra Alvsborgs Lanssjukhus, had gun wounds to the lower part of his chest, and later died from his wounds.

Kronan has around 400 students from pre-school, aged six, up to year 9, aged 15-16, but police have declined to confirm if the attacker was a former pupil or had any other connection to the school.

Police responded to an emergency call saying a masked man equipped with a sword was on the premises and that a person had been attacked at or near the school cafeteria, police said.

They are saying the murderer had a thing for Nazis and hated immigrants. We’ll see if that story holds up and where his hatred actually made its home. Children hid in closets and cupboards to get away from the killer. He chased one student through the school and luckily, she got away. The two that are critically injured may not make it. This is the first attack in a Swedish school since 1961. There are 400 students in the school, ranging between ages 6 and 15. Police had to fight off family members to keep them from rushing the school out of fear for their children. Whatever the killer’s reasoning, it was pure evil and hellish. Halloween will never be the same there again. I pray the surviving victims make it.




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