A Hotel Guest Left His Laptop Open on the Desk and What Its Camera Caught Housekeeping Doing Has Him Vowing Never to Leave Valuables in the Open Again [Video]

I have always lived a nomadic lifestyle and we travel a lot. We never give a second thought to just leaving our stuff wherever it is when we have to go out. Thankfully, we never had anything stolen, but after seeing this… I would definitely make sure the most valuable items stayed with us during the day. This hotel worker went through every bit of this man’s stuff, without any hesitation whatsoever. In fact, she went straight for his private items and spent considerable time going through his personal belongings. Then she aggressively commenced using his laptop and tablet. It doesn’t look like she took anything, but she very well could have. Not cool.

Image source: YouTube

From The Blaze:

A YouTube user who says he stayed in a U.S. chain hotel has a message for future guests after he saw what his laptop camera captured while he was out of his room.

“Keep [your] items hidden in the trunk of a car or at least hidden from view!” the user going by Vince Stravix wrote.

Stravix admitted to leaving out many of his belongings in plain sight. But it’s something he vows he’ll no longer do after his laptop camera caught hotel staff looking at a package he received, checking out his computer, trying to gain access to his tablet, rooting through his luggage and more before going about the usual duties of tidying up the room.


According to Stravix, the incident occurred on Nov. 5, but he only identified the hotel as “brand-named hotel.”

I’m sure this man was shocked to have seen this and that is why he shared it with other travelers. He did not name the hotel probably, because he didn’t want any legal hassles. Seeing this, you would feel violated and enraged. I hope that management saw this and fired her post haste. You expect people to do their job and that they will respect your privacy. We live in a world anymore where pride and honesty seem to be rare qualities anymore. Just disgraceful and criminal. Most criminals are stone stupid – she looked right at the camera and didn’t realize she was getting her five minutes of infamy.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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