HUNGER STRIKE: 3 Pakistani Illegal Immigrants in Florida Ordered Force-Fed

HUNGER STRIKE: 3 Pakistani Illegal Immigrants in Florida Ordered Force-Fed

This is definitely not the whole story here. I suspect the illegal immigrants are Muslim, but I don’t have a confirmed source on that. There were actually 11 on the hunger strike… 10 Pakistanis and 1 Armenian. 3 have been ordered force-fed by a judge, but there seems to be some confusion here as the authorities said there was only 1 prisoner who was now not eating. I say force-feed any of them that go on a hunger strike and make sure it is not halal. Pork drippings wouldn’t hurt either. The judge’s order at the Krome Service Processing Center has drawn the ire of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida. What? Because we won’t release more budding terrorists into the general population. Cry me a river.


From the AP:

MIAMI (AP) — A federal judge ordered immigration authorities Friday to force-feed three Pakistani men who are waging a hunger strike to protest the handling of their immigration cases.

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The order affects three detainees at a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility near Miami. The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida has asked the Department of Homeland Security to investigate the men’s cases and treatment.

ICE released a statement Friday evening saying the agency is closely monitoring one detainee who was still on a hunger strike, but the statement didn’t mention force-feeding.

Court documents show the men vowed to continue their hunger strike unless released on parole to continue their quest for U.S. asylum. U.S. District Judge Robert Scola ruled it would be inhumane to allow their health to deteriorate further to the point of near-death.

The ACLU says the hunger strikes have lasted up to 28 days.

All the men arrived at various border stations as asylum seekers. This sounds a lot like the refugees invading Europe, doesn’t it? To make bond or parole, detainees must prove a credible fear of persecution and confirm their identities with primary documents (such as licenses and birth certificates) or affidavits. Affidavits of support, showing that the detainees have someone to live with while they wait for their asylum hearing, bolster the case. The ACLU of Florida alleges that at least one detainee who had all the necessary paperwork was denied bond for no reason, undermining ICE policy. Sure, because the Florida prison system is so keen on keeping these jerks. In reality, they want the doors flung open and all of them to walk unmolested. They may get their wish under Obama. Don’t worry though… the DOJ and the DHS have this one, so what could go wrong? In a hearing last week, 5 of the men were told the judge would be issuing the force-feed order. When 2 men said they would eat, they were dismissed from the case. The remaining 3 received the order for intravenous or nasal feeding. No sympathy here. Save everyone a bunch of expense and trouble and send them back to their countries of origin.

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