Idiot Tries to Run Veteran Bikers Off the Road… Then THIS Happens! [VIDEO]

Idiot Tries to Run Veteran Bikers Off the Road… Then THIS Happens! [VIDEO]

What a flaming jackass! A bunch of bikers who are veterans were participating in the Project 22 ride in Texas. They had a police and military escort as well. This was to raise awareness for vets suffering from PTSD. Some tool in a Jeep decided he was in a hurry even though motorists were directed to wait and stay back. He cut off several bikers and could have killed someone. Two bikers originally boxed him off to let other bikers go ahead. He then raced up the side endangering these vets recklessly. Two more bikers gave chase and got right up on him. Then a police officer pulled in front and nailed the guy. Serves him right. I hope he got a monstrous ticket for doing that.


From Qpolitical:

If there was ever a time you wanted justice for bad drivers on the road, you surely couldn’t have wanted it as much as you do watching this video.

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Military veterans of our great nation got on their motorcycles to participate in the Project 22 ride in Texas. They were bringing awareness to the reality of PTSD among our nation’s veterans.

But wait until you see the crazy moment that one of the riders captured on video. Garrett, behind the camera, joined his veteran buddies as well as a military escort and the North Texas Police motorcade for the ride. It’s a good thing they had them along, because one jackass decided to be a prick on the road.

Watch as one guy in his Jeep decided to attempt to fly past the convoy instead of obeying the instructions to wait a few moments. Wait until you see what happened next…

This is why you don’t mess with Vets! I hope that guy learned his lesson to wait his turn and honor the brave men and women who have given their lives for our freedom!

You don’t pull this kind of crap on vets, the military or cops. That’s just asking for it. And the guy tried to pass on the right at high speed with no regard for the safety of others at all. If anyone is going to dole out justice when some idiot decides he is entitled ahead of everyone else, it’s this group of bikers. I doubt this moron learned his lesson though. But it was nice to see a piece of instant justice put in play. What ever happened to respect and patience? This was totally unnecessary, rude and could have ended very, very badly. If you are told by police to wait, you might want to just do that. Regardless of what is going on, when I drive, I try and give bikers a wide berth so they stay safe. No one is in that big a hurry.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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