ILLEGAL ALIEN Teen Torches Cop Car, Points Rifle at Police, Hits Officer on Bike

ILLEGAL ALIEN Teen Torches Cop Car, Points Rifle at Police, Hits Officer on Bike

Every time something like this happens now, it acts as free promo for Donald Trump. These idiots are the gift that keeps on giving for his campaign. An illegal alien teen criminal decides to torch a cop car. Then he is approached by an officer and aims a rifle directly at him before speeding off. He then hits a motorcycle cop in a funeral procession. Thank goodness the officer was not hurt. This scum stated he wanted to kill officers because he was “tired of people getting shot by police and nothing happening.” This is what Obama’s racial divisiveness is producing. Illegal immigrants feel they won’t be prosecuted at all no matter what they do. Since they are already criminals, of course they hate cops. This kid is just parroting a popular meme among violent radicals to justify going after police officers. I’m not surprised at all over this. You watch, some how, some way, this kid will walk courtesy of ICE and DHS.


From Gateway Pundit:

A 16 year-old illegal alien was arrested after torching a police car, pointing a rifle at police and hitting a police officer in a funeral procession.

The illegal teen said he wanted to kill officers because he said he was “tired of people getting shot by police and nothing happening.”

KHOU reported:

A 16-year-old here illegally from Mexico is behind bars and facing numerous felony charges after a wild run-in with law enforcement Saturday.

The teen allegedly set a Brazoria County Precinct 4 Constable’s car on fire this afternoon before leading police on a chase. According to Brazoria County Sheriff’s officials, deputies approached a Ford F-150 with the teen inside, who was acting suspicious. The teen then allegedly pulled a .22-caliber rifle on the approaching deputy before speeding off.

Deputies chased the suspect, who struck a motorcycle officer who was escorting a funeral, before he was apprehended. The motorcycle officer didn’t suffer any injuries.

The suspect allegedly told deputies he was “tired of his people getting shot by police and nothing happening, so he came to shoot them.

This kid should be prosecuted aggressively. Then when he gets out in a few decades, he should be deported and barred from the country forever. The illegal thug claimed “the incident was about a war against the government because ICE is always sending Mexicans back to Mexico for no reason, and they are the ones here in America doing all the work.” Sounds like tinder for a race and culture war to me. This brain dead, racist piece of garbage has now been charged with aggravated assault of a public servant with a deadly weapon, possession of a controlled substance, evading arrest with a vehicle and arson. He is a symptom of a boiling hate that is curating just under the surface of Obama’s Amnesty. It’s a ticking time bomb that is going to bring violent extremism to our neighborhoods and streets courtesy of our Marxist-in-Chief. Things are never, ever what they seem these days.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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